ATTENTION: If you or someone you know is facing eviction in Travis County due to COVID-19, contact us about free legal representation.

Poverty isn't a choice, it a self-perpetuating cycle that becomes increasingly difficult to escape by the day.  The challenges that we all face are magnified by the lack of resources that defines poverty and the stress that causes.  We believe that a moral obligation exists that requires each of us to chip in and help to break the cycle of poverty. 

At TPLP we spend our days fighting power imbalances caused by poverty.   Our lawyers provide direct representation to clients facing evictions, dealing with class c misdemeanors, being taken advantage of in consumer transactions.  We also partner with a local homeless shelter to provide free representation to individuals who are unable to be housed due to unresolved legal issues.

In 2018 in Travis County 10 percent of arrests were because of "Fine-Only Offenses."  Through our No More Debtor's Prisons campaign, TPLP is working to make sure that no more people go to jail in Travis County because they can't afford to pay a fine.  

No More Debtor's Prisons

We're helping qualified Travis County residents get their Occupational Drivers License and reclaim their right to drive and regain their basic dignity.

Dignity for Drivers

Facing an eviction is terrifying and no one should have to do it alone.  At TPLP we offer complete representation for tenants facing eviction.  Contact us if you think you're getting evicted, have received a Notice to Vacate, or have been served with a suit for eviction.

Housing Security

There's just no reason that prior run-ins with the law should follow you forever, especially when Texas law specifically says they don't have to.  Our lawyers are here to help represent you and start you off with a clean slate.

Clean Slate

We know some businesses treat their customers like prey and want to get as much out of them as can, and they're not afraid to break some laws in the process because they figure "Who's going to sue anyway?"  We will.

Consumer Protection